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The first online space dedicated to competition

Its name, as its values, echoes in our world since thousands of years. In ancient Greece the Agone was the event where people from all nations came to join competitions of all kinds, from artistic to sportive ones.
Up means we are the evolution, we are its online presence but it also indicates where we are aiming to.
Competition is not being better than the others, it’s all about being the better version of yourself.
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Online competition
There is no online space dedicated to Competition. A place where people can compete in all the areas
Control and regulation of online challenges
Online challenges are not regulated and controlled, several dramatic cases happened recently
Transparency and online contests
Lots of online contests fail because of the lack of transparency and entertaining in the experience of participating
Our focus is on creating the best environment to stimulate a healthy community and a sharing of values.
AgonUp offers several solutions that allow us not only to answer consumer needs but also to play an important role in social dynamics.

Dedicated space

The first online place where you can create challenges, or join others, and compete

Safe environment

Our challenge acceptance system allows dangerous challenges not to even arrive on the platform

Challenges acceptation

Before being published, every challenge has to be checked and eventually accepted

Global dimension

To participate in competitions on the other side of the world won’t be an impossible dream anymore

AgonUp is not a typical social network, but we have a similar  interface in order to make the user experience comfortable and easy by the first touch.
We combine competition and its organizational nature, with the immersive, identificative, interactive and connective attributes of social networks.