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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!

AgonUp is an application that connects you with people from all over the world to create/participate in any challenges that come to mind. In doing so, we want to be transparent with you and let you know upfront what personal data we will collect, how we will use it, and with which third parties we will share it.

This privacy notice applies to accessing the app, creating a profile, and using all the services available through the application. Additionally, this notice also includes a Cookie Policy.

What is the applicable legal basis?

The processing of personal data is based on the user’s consent, in accordance with Article 6, letter a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Who is the data controller?

The data controller is AgonUp Srl, VAT number 12859690963, registered office: Via Passo di Brizio 6, 20148, Milano.

What data do we collect?

To provide our services, we collect all the information you provide to us. The type and amount of information we collect depend on how you use the application and our services.

– User information and content: We collect the content, communications, and all the information you directly provide to us when opening your profile and using the app. This data may include basic profile information (name, surname, email address, phone number, profile picture) and any information you provide when launching or participating in challenges (such as your bio information, geographical location, and purchasing preferences), as well as metadata related to a content (e.g., upload date of a photo or video). When launching or participating in challenges, you may also provide personal data related to your political or philosophical beliefs, and in such cases, we may process that data to ensure your access to our services.

– User behavior: We collect data on user behavior within the app, such as which challenges you choose to participate in or react to, which challenges you launch, reactions to each video, and interactions with other users. We also collect data on the frequency and duration of app access and activities. We gather information when you navigate away from the app by clicking on a link found within the application.

– Device information: We collect information about the device on which you download and access the app.

How we use this information?

We use the information you provide us and all the information and data we have in order to offer our services and enhance the user experience of the application, considering the purposes indicated below:

– Personalization and improvement of services: Firstly, we use the information you provide to continuously improve our services and make them more personalized and tailored to your needs and expectations. For example, your data is used to personalize the content (challenges you see in your feed, those displayed on the homepage, suggested hashtags). By providing a personalized and interesting service, we use data related to your reactions and behavior within the application (challenges launched or viewed) to create an ecosystem that increasingly meets your needs and preferences.

– Location-related data: We may use data related to your location and geolocation to suggest challenges to follow or creators in your area to meet or compete with. Additionally, we may suggest visiting nearby partner companies based on your location.

– Research and development of services: We use the information and data you provide to develop, improve, and test the application and all our services.

– Advertisements and other paid content: We use the information we have, including data related to your behavior on the application, to select and personalize advertisements, promotions, and hashtags from partner companies to display during your browsing. You can modify your preferences at any time by accessing the settings page of your profile.

– Provision of aggregated data to partner companies: We may use the data and information we have (including those related to your behavior on the app and visits to third-party sites through links on the app) to provide our partner companies with aggregated and statistical data that can help measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and investments on the app. However, this will only involve aggregated and/or statistical data.

– Combating crimes, fraud, and behaviors that could make our app an unsafe place: We use the data we have to verify accounts and activities on the site. In particular, we verify that no actual crimes, fraud, or behaviors that could make our app an unsafe place for everyone have occurred. Additionally, we prevent the spread of spam and any violations of our terms of use, and we identify users who may need support. We reserve the right to report any behavior that may constitute a violation of applicable laws to the competent authorities.

– Communication with the user: We use the information we have to send marketing communications, provide information about our products and our policies and conditions. The information is also used to provide a response when the user contacts us.

How and with whom are the information shared?

All registered users, whether individual users or partner companies, can access the information generated by an individual user at the time of their registration (name, surname, username), as well as the information generated by the individual user at the time of creating or participating in a challenge (related photos and/or videos).

– Content resharing outside the app: The user must be informed that other users of the app may reshare their content with other people both within and outside the app. In particular, individuals who view a content may take screenshots or record the screen and share the content with third parties outside the app, including commonly used messaging applications like WhatsApp or Telegram. The same applies to reactions left on the content, which remain visible to all those who can view the user’s content to which the reaction is directed. People can use our services to create and share user-related content with an audience of their choice. If a user feels uncomfortable with content shared by others that concerns them, they can report it. Content that does not comply with our policies will be removed as soon as possible.

– Sharing of content with our partners: We reserve the right to share information, in the form of aggregated and/or statistical data (unless the data is requested by judicial authorities), with the following entities: [specify the subjects/partners with whom the information will be shared].

Please note that the sharing of information is done in compliance with privacy laws and applicable regulations, and we take appropriate measures to protect user privacy during data sharing.:

a) Partner using our aggregated data collection services: As mentioned above, we provide aggregated data to our partners to help them understand how people interact with their posts and sponsored content. For example, we may provide aggregated data on the number of people or accounts that have viewed or reacted to their posts, as well as demographic data on users (such as the number of users who have interacted based on gender, geographic location, other preferences, and previous interactions within the app) always in an aggregated form.

b) Advertisers: We provide advertisers with reports on the types of people who view their ads and the performance of the ads. However, we do not share information that can personally identify the user (such as name or email address that can be used to contact or identify the user). For example, we provide advertisers with general demographic data and information about interests (e.g., an ad was viewed by a male living in Milan who previously launched a football-themed challenge) to help them better understand their audience.

c) Measurement partners: We share information with companies that aggregate it to provide statistical data and measurement reports to our partners.

d) Vendors: We provide information and content to our vendors to continually improve the user experience (e.g., sharing data related to suggested enhancements).

e) Researchers and academics: If requested, we also provide information and content, always in an anonymous and aggregated form, to researchers and academics to conduct research that improves our company, the app, or society in general, such as through advancements in social well-being, technology, and the physical and mental health of individuals.

f) Law enforcement or legal requests: We share information with law enforcement or in response to requests from competent authorities that are in compliance with the law.

How can I exercise my rights?

The General Data Protection Regulation recognizes every user’s right to access, rectify, transfer, and erase their data. The user also has the right to object to any processing of their data and to request that the processing be limited to specific uses and purposes. In particular, the user can: (i) object to the processing of their data for direct marketing purposes; (ii) object to the processing of their data when we carry out an activity in the public interest; (iii) access their data at any time and request its correction; (iv) request the deletion of their data; (v) request the transfer of data to other parties (so-called ‘data portability’); (vi) object to becoming the subject of automated decisions, such as profiling.

To exercise these rights and any rights related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following PEC address or by mail at the address

You also have the right to file a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority (

Data retention, account deactivation, and deletion

We will retain data as long as it is necessary to provide the app services.

When a user deletes their account, we keep their personal data and the content they have posted for the following three months, during which the user can choose to reopen their profile and regain access to all their data. After these three months, if the user hasn’t logged in again, we will delete the content they have posted and all their personal data. Information that other people have shared about the user is not part of their account and will not be deleted.

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We use cookies, which are text files that are stored on the user’s device or allow access to information on the user’s device. Cookies enable us to store information about visitors’ preferences, verify the proper functioning of the app, improve its features by personalizing the content of the pages, simplify navigation by automating procedures (e.g., login, language), and analyze the app usage by visitors.

We use the following categories of cookies:

– Technical cookies: These cookies are used solely for the purpose of transmitting electronic communications, ensuring the correct display of the app, and facilitating navigation. They also allow us to distinguish between different users connected to provide the requested service to the right user (login) and for app security reasons. Some of these cookies are deleted when the app is closed (session cookies), while others have a longer duration (such as the cookie necessary to store the user’s consent regarding the use of cookies, which lasts for 1 year). Consent is not required for these cookies.

– Analytics cookies: These cookies are used directly by the app’s manager to collect aggregated information about the number of users and how they visit and navigate the app. They are similar to technical cookies as the service is based on aggregated data.

– Profiling and marketing cookies: These cookies are used exclusively by third parties other than the app’s owner to collect information about user behavior during navigation, as well as interests and consumer habits, in order to provide personalized advertising. As much as possible, these cookies are blocked and activated only after user consent.

By clicking “I Agree” on the banner displayed upon first access to the site, the visitor explicitly consents to the use of cookies and similar technologies, particularly to the storage of such cookies on their device for the purposes indicated in this document or access to information on their device through cookies.